Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buzzier Than A Bee

I've been tremendously busy lately and didn't have much times to spend on my blog's writing. Too many things happened, a lot of sweet memories I've been through between the day of my last blog post til today. And I was like; hey what about sharing all these stories in the blog? It should be interesting. But then, those ultimately-horrifying assignments kept visited me and I went "sigh~" ; trying to finished them off would take forever! (TAT) need some help here...pleaseeeee.......

Speaking of the word "busy", it reminds me of my family. Why? Oh I think you should lengthen the question as - how does the word related to my family? Let me start with my dad; who is quite busy..or should I say..very busy lately; with his office works, his duck eggs business, and other works including taking care of my mom (hahahaa). My mom, in the other hand is busy thinking about her two sunflowers who have grown up to be a pair of double troubles for their parents. Especially when it comes to the first one with a sexy body-shape and small eyes - that is my elder sis (gahahaa). Last but not least, "busy" did related to my sis although she is no longer a student nor an employee. She's been busy falling in love (eww~) with her future fiance <3 anddd...also busy fighting with him...almost everyday.

So, there you have it; a short story-telling for you guys.... (^_^)/ see you in the next post!