Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Haha to Bentō

When I was younger; in about 7 to 17 years old, Mom used to prepare lunch box for me and sometimes for my sister. My sister didn't like the routine so much and I was left as the only one who still bringing home-made food to school. Some of my friends thought I was lucky and some said it was weird. I didn't really care much as I know how unhealthy the canteen’s foods are. And most of them can't even pleased my need for proper hygiene in foods.

Nowadays in my campus life I still love lunch box. Mom knew her daughter well so almost every time she gives me a visit she would bring along home-made meals for me. So does my sister. Well, when you’re far away from home you’ll sure miss mommy’s cooking. Even my sister couldn't deny it.

As I grew up, I just happened to love making lunch box for myself as well. It is still uncommon for Malaysian citizens to see anybody bringing their home-made lunch. Thus whenever I bring my lunch box to the café people stare at me like there is a lion escaped from the goddamn zoo.  I swear to God their glares are really scary. Oh, I have a story on the topic of staring! Mind if I share it with you?

"Once, there was a fellow student (my classmate said he is our senior) suddenly walked straight to me and stared at the food I was holding – very closely! Then he left. I’ll tell you, it was totally disturbing. I got traumatized for a while because of that particular incident. I only ate sandwiches during the staring moment, what’s so bizarre about the typical edible stuffs?! – The End –"

Preparing my own lunch box reminds me of Mom; how she loves to make sure we eat properly. Mom said she’s not a good cook unlike other mothers but the foods are good enough for me. Mom doesn't put MSG in her cooking. Plus, her vegetables dishes are always fresh and still crunchy. 

To me, Mom’s cooking is a symbol of her love and care for her daughters. It is the taste that I always miss when I’m away from home.

We Meet Again, Dear Bestie !

I once read a tweet sounded like this, “Psychology says if a friendship stays for more than 7 years it will lasts forever”. I don’t know if it’s true. I didn't manage to read any of the books related to it. However I have a friend who is very close to me and we have been friends since I was 8 years old. 

We met by chance when I was a new transfer student at her class. We also sat near to each other, making it easier for us to communicate although I was kind of a lone wolf back then. But she’s very talkative! She kept talking as if there is no final topic – in her accent. Yes, she has a truly strong Negeri Sembilan’s accent. I was raised among people with different accents so it is fine with me. Her family background is totally opposite with me. Our hobbies and interests are mostly poles apart but we do enjoy each other’s company by sharing them when we have the time.

Since we were kids, there are two kinds of places we love to go every time we are on holidays; library and book store. I know it sounds boring but it is fun for both of us. We could spend hours at those certain places. Another our-must-go-place is gifts shops. I don’t know why but we love exploring stuffs in random gift shops. I also love pet shop but it is not our day-out routine as when we were kids there are no pet shops near the library and book store we used to go.

When I come to realize it, we have been friends for almost 15 years (yeah, we are both 23 now). Even though we had our rough times, when we split up to different high schools, universities and maybe workplaces, we still spend our times together on one day off during holidays at least twice a year or more but not too often – as we have our own commitment for any other things.                  
We don’t own any new pictures of us together except for the one we took when we were in secondary school. We always have an awesome time and we chat all day long until we forgot to take any pictures. Well, we are not really the “selfie-craze” type of people anyway. We appreciate the moment instead of only capture the moment.

This is my story of a long-bonded friendship. How about yours? ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fashion and Fluffy

This may seems boring but still, here you go; another photo album of our home kitties. With ribbons collars and pet clothes. XD

I want this pink dress too !

Fluffy kitty with price tag.

No pictures, please.

Why did this happened to me...

I hate you for making me wear this.

Capture my good side!

Mom's choices of cats' clothes....

Kitties with styles !

New collars with pink ribbons on them

Hello Kitties !

Hey, guys! In this entry I'm not gonna mumble about anything. Just wanna show you some of my holidays' photos with Mom's cats  ;)

The three MusCATeers; Mom's precious princesses
Little Nugget
Mom and sleepy Comel

Baby was not well & had to be apart from her BFF

Still a better love story than Twilight
She has her own tiny prayer mat
She can sleep anywhere, seriously

Bonus! Pictures with dialogues. Just for fun!

My pet turtles are quite popular among the cats
Why on earth did I end up here ?!
Complicated relationship

English & Bahasa Malaysia

Hey, you know what; I thought it would be best for me to post my writings in Malay sometimes. Plus, my English is not so good – making me feel weird to keep posting stuffs in English while some people like my sister make fun of my language mistakes. So, here it goes…

Emm….this is awkward. Tak datang idea lagi nak cerita apa dalam BM ni. Biar saya fikir dulu OK, nanti kita tengok perkembangan dalam post akan datang (=_=”)/ chiao~

Strawberry Returns

I stopped writing for almost a year and I didn’t quite active at doodling anymore – not as I remembered; although I’m still in Art & Design industry. Throughout the past year; 2014 I have experienced a lot of new things and most of them were really unexpected. Well, nothing in life is really what you are expecting so it is quite normal meh. Without writing or sketching all the good and bad stuffs, I nearly forgot about half of the memories especially the worthy ones.

In 2014, I did my practical training, meet new and interesting people, learn new experiences, eat new foods, went travelling from the places I known to the ones I barely recognized, face my allergy to Mom’s cats and got job payment for the first time but also got fooled by illogical reasons. And….of course there are a lot more things but there’s not much to write about as I worried you might get bored and sick of this post.

Without further ado, I will gladly continue my writings whether you like it or not because I made this blog for my family especially Mom that is why most of the entries are pretty bold and straightforward.

I wanted to apologize if there is any harsh word or sarcastic critics among my writings. It’s just the way I think the same as the way some of you think when you’re posting selfies, hatred comments, annoying lovey dovey acts and your lunch for the world to judge.

Yeah, sorry about that last statement too. Heheh  ;)