Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marriage Is Not For Me

Hey, long time no see. Whoa, whoa! Wait up! Don’t give me that unsatisfying-evil-looking face. I know it is a quite controversial title but that is not what I really meant. You should do the reading first.

Well, early marriage is quite trending nowadays. People keep debating whether it is good or bad for the society or the early-married person him/herself. Thus, I also wanted to share something with you on youngsters’ marriages topic since I found it pretty interesting yet bothering as there are quite a number of people I know held their wedding ceremonies in the early 20s! Or. . . should I say after SPM?

A few weeks ago; I think (I don’t really recall the date) my same-age cousin got married and almost everyone kept teasing me, “You’re next”. Are you kidding me? Oh, for those who don’t recognize me, I am only 20. And I was completely annoyed with those jokes. It is not funny after all. Thinking of marriage just freaks the hell out of me. 

Getting married younger than age 25 
dramatically raises the divorce risk.

Some might not agree with me about the scary facts on marriage life. However, it is the truth you can’t deny. I would say I am somewhat a thinker – hell yeah I’m awesome! I think a lot concerning those topics that will change my future.

Since I was a kid, I want to be super cool just like my mom. She was a great learner and a splendid teacher/lecturer. If she is a comic character, she would be in Gokusen or Great Teacher Onizuka. But some people looked down on her just because of her unsuccessful marriage. It was not her fault getting married to a cheater.

But my mom is also one of the early-married women. She wore a wedding dress in her 23rd, getting my sis the next year and finally I was born in the next 2 years. Then she was single again. I have no problems growing up without a father, I don’t even think he deserve to touch me. I once called myself an abandoned daughter as I have never experienced any fatherly moments with him. It goes different with my sis though.

See, this is what going on in the society. It is real. Princessly thinking young women might not realize it. They only could imagine a romantic life when they got married early just like the totally-a-failure movie Twilight. The whole wedding things scared me although I am in a serious relationship for over 2 years. Reality is no fantasy.

On top of that, I was a little upset about losing two or three friends or relatives after they became someone’s wife. They got married too early and I hated the idea. We can’t have fun together anymore. They are no longer those who I happened to know before. They changed. A lot. Then I wondered what if I’ll be just like them as soon as I decided to get married? What if I change too? What if I’m not me anymore? It is not about if the guy is the one in a million; it is in point of fact about me.

After a few minutes of silence, I stopped thinking regarding to the issue of marriage. There are more roads to be taken in the future. I will start to open my mind about it again but not too soon. I do admit I hate the idea of getting married too early but maybe those people have their own reasons. Just stop using “in the name of Allah” or “for Islamic reason” if you’re not really meant it.

Well, feel free to give me any feedback. Ciao for now~! (^_^)/