Monday, May 26, 2014

The Dreams and Nightmares

       Weeks ago was my 22nd birthday and not to mention Mothers’ Day. As always, Mom brought me a cake and gifts just like every past years. And this time, elder sis also took part in celebrating my small birthday bash; she brought along a Cars’s balloon and Big Apple doughnuts with her plus some little presents she bought earlier.  Although Daddy didn't come, he had already handed over his presents to Mom.

As I grew up and entered university, my birthday celebration became simpler. I don’t really mind – what matters the most is actually realizing how many people appreciate my existence when they throw a little festivity and wish me Happy Birthday. My friends and the special fella even cook simple meals, bought a cake and gave me birthday gifts a day before my real birthdate so that Mom could spend more times with me on the very next day.

I’m now a 22 years old young adult!  ( ̄▽ ̄〜)   Well….It’s not really exciting about having my ages increase year by year yet I’m grateful for the fact that I’m able to keep breathing till this day. That brings me back to all those days when I experience the best moments of my life and also the awaken nightmares. I love my pasts no matter how cruel they might seemed. ‘Coz without them, I’ll never get to learn new stuffs and I might have not become myself.

To me, life is originally black and white; it depends on us to paint it differently, or else it will just be a mixture of grey. Thank you everyone for all of your contribution in the process of filling the colours onto my canvas. I’m sure the final view of my life’s painting would appear absolutely incredible as I hope it will be. Thank you again~!  \(T∇T)/*:・゚✧

P/S: I'd like to share some photos from my birthday but I don't have I took photos of the cakes and gifts you are (^__^)/

Patrick Star, Gaara key-chain and Cars
balloon from elder sis 

Ciel's figurine nendoroid set from my man

Healthy snacks, bathroom scale from Mom and Dad

Little Brazilian tortoises from Sis and Mom

This turtle's tank was not included, I bought it myself

Chocolate latte cake from my man + friends

Cheese vanilla cake from Mom - it's super yummy!