Monday, March 31, 2014

Nicknames for . . . ?


      There are some sorts of people who might have the tendency of doing something weird . For me and the other two Lailas ; which are Mom & elder sis , we are really affectionate to naming our favorite objects (including animals but animals are obviously not an object & usually have names anyway) especially our cars . Well , for me it’s not just my car but I also named all of my favorite Kuma Kuma toy series that I collected since I was a kid , and I named my dolls , my mobile phones , laptops and anything that I thought ; “it would be very nice if they have a name” .

You see , most of the times I like to treat my beloved things as my pets ; a non-living one . Perhaps this kind of behavior comes from my mom . She has a very deep feeling to each one of her cars , and sometimes ; home and plants . She talks to her cars like they’re her cats and cries a lot when she have to sell one or trade in it with the other new car . It does sound funny , and it is super hilarious in reality but it’s one of the cutest facts about my mom .

I don’t know much about the first two cars Mom bought because I was too little to remember or even care about those pint-sized things . When I was in primary school , I met mom’s third car – I think; a pitch black Proton (I can’t really summon up if it’s Saga or any other Proton’s products but I do recall it was a box-like car) after she trade in her maroon Perodua Kancil – and she cried so hard like a heavy rain with thunderstorm as she had to leave the petite car . Mom called it ‘Hitam’ which means ‘black’ in Malay .

After I went to further my study in diploma , Mom made a surprise by showing her new car – when she came to give me a visit , a white Proton Saga which was quite famous throughout that year . It was more round-in-shape . Mom called it ‘Putih’ (white) , but then we decided to call it Shiro ; which also means white but in Japanese , and of course it is the name of Shin Chan’s puppy .

Shiro stayed with us for 3 or 4 years I think but then after a few unexpected occurrences ; Mom sold it to her sister and she brought home a dark green Honda City . It is a classic one but still in a good condition . Well not fully ; there are some problems we had to fix . For this ancient beauty , Mom decided to call it Adudu .

For your information , Adudu is a fictional character from the famous Malaysian cartoon ; Boboiboy . He is the main antagonist and he is green . Yes , you heard right . He is a green alien . I don’t know much about the character or the cartoon itself – as I’m not that interested to watch it anyway . . . but once again , Mom is weird and she loves the show . She watches the local animation together with my little cousins and sometimes by herself .

Mom’s already 48 years old this year . Despite how she looks and what age she’s getting into ; she will always acts like a funny innocent youngster . Her cheerful faces occasionally make us forget that she’s a cancer patient . Plus , her childish behavior did affects us ; her daughters . We became playful too but only when we’re with her and particular groups of people .

These behaviors of naming object , watching cartoons , talking to things, etc. ; they are a collection of good memories that Mom leaves for us to be remembered . It is undeniable that we grew up differently from some other kids but we have what they might not own . When I was a kid, I cursed myself for the dissimilarities of  my life compared to my friends . Now I can’t feel grateful enough. If The Almighty didn't write my whole story in this way ; I wouldn't be me . I would never see how a woman could be stronger than anyone’s expectation in a female race . Mom showed the magic tricks to me . God opened my eyes for me to see it clearly , in a method that only I could understand .

P/S: Happy belated birthday, Mom. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Siblings For Sale !

Cute little brother / sister for sale ! So damn cute ! 

This one's my favorite

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cute And Funny Baby gifs

Not much to say , just enjoy these cute animated pictures of little babies ! (^_^)/

When puddle turned into ice

Dragon fighter!

Fatal sneeze

A fun way to play with your little brother/sister


Baby hates kisses

Balancing baby

Don't take away my precious kitten!

This is mine! No! It's mine!

The Horror of MSG ~

Ajinomoto .  It is a very well-known name in our society. Ajinomoto is a food flavour enhancer’s brand found in almost all retail stores and supermarkets, including the 7 Eleven.

Although Opah and all my female relatives (the family’s Chefs) are always adopting the hereditary of using Ajinomoto in their cooking, me and Mom on the other hand; forbid ourselves from mixing the ‘poison’ into our foods. Our cuisine is absolutely original in term of its taste no matter how good or bad it is . Mom really concerns about our health, not to mention she is still in the treatment of fighting cancer; she doesn’t want us to get caught by the same disease.

There was my little cousin ( who also being taught to add Ajinomoto into the ingredient lists since she was a child ) felt initially weird when I refused to use the white powder each time I did the cooking activities - but there are times when I get confused and mistakenly took Ajinomoto jar which I thought was the  fine salt! The teeny-tiny girl once proposed these questions to me, "Is Ajinomoto harmful for us? If it is; what are the dangers anyway? " . Due to the absence of the Internet in Mom’s hometown to be Googled, I had to do the job of explaining the threats of Ajinomoto to her .

Ajinomoto or Mono Sodium Gulamate (MSG ) is often considered important by the same level as onion , pepper and salt anddd also; it is believed to be the main element of establishing a perfect cuisine by most Malaysian housewives . There are numerous scientific studies conducted by experts around the world referring to the fact that MSG has a great negative impact on human health. Did you know that the use of MSG has been criticized by the National Cancer Association of Japan, the birthplace of Ajinomoto itself?

October 25, 1983; a study was conducted on 84 rats; which were given two types of MSG. After 16 months , the results showed that those rats had suffered the signs of tumours in the lung , small and large intestine, underneath the skin , stomach and brain . It went the same with the University of Washington’s result in their research in early 1968, indicated that MSG able to affect the brain and nerves.

This fact is proven again by itself as in the same year , a disease called " Chinese Restaurant Syndrome " appeared. It was discovered by Dr . RHM Kwok from USA who perform a research on the customers of a Chinese food restaurant; they were experiencing numbness in the neck , all the way down to the arm and then their back. They also suffering from weaken body parts and coronary pulses which happened every 15 to 20 minutes . All these symptoms were being experienced by them after having a Chinese meal , and the cause is due to the overused of MSG. This study was supported by the Dr . Baker and Allen from Royal North Shore Hospital , Sydney , when their two patients were being  attacked by a chronic asthma for 12 hours after enjoying Chinese cuisine .

Then again, the MSG is also involving itself into the life of little children . The widely-use in snacks and baby foods has exposed the kids to danger . According to Dr . Olney, subtle attack of the MSG against a normal infant’s brain may not be detected , but it still has adverse effects on the baby after he/she reached maturity. Additionally, these effects also hinder the ability of the kids to receive information through education.

Researches that have been conducted by the Consumers Association of Penang ( at last, the Malaysian representative finally appeared on the lists of these studies) on 100 families who were being found ( 73 of them ) have been using MSG in their daily meal , while 19 of the 21 families gave MSG to their children under 6 years of age . This shows that our society as a whole has been using MSG in their lifetime. Don’t forget to include those who run the restaurant and stall , as well as canned and junk foods , including Maggi which undeniably became a regular menu for university students like me . That means, without even realizing it , our society is actually very vulnerable to the dangers of MSG.

It is better for us to avoid the use of MSG in preparing our foods , and replace it with natural seasonings . Housewives and restaurant owners should not have to worry about the quality of the taste , as there are different kinds of herbs and spices  that can covered it up and not harmful at all . You do realized that the TV stations never aired cooking shows with their chefs adding MSG in their recipes , right?