Saturday, June 9, 2012

Extraordinary Ibu Bunga Matahari

One of the scenes from my animation about a supermom

Every single time anyone sees me with my mom - especially mom's friends, one common plus very popular statement comes out from their mouth; automatically. Of course the statement will be said after they have ensure if I was mom's sister or daughter. "OMG! She's really represents you!" And . . . . there it goes again . . .  the what my mom called 'muka fotostat' issue.

 Although I usually would yelled hysterically and pretend to be angry about it, I actually proud of the title 'Mommy's Clone'. Why should I be upset about having my mother's face and almost all (owh yeah that's right) her behaviors or actions. There is no definite reason to deny I am her daughter. Not to mention she is a very successful woman. 

Other kids at my age do not have the chance to see their mothers received any awards, or being respected by the others; especially by their own friends who set up a dream to be just like her. Even my cousin wanted to be like my mom. My friends? A lot of them. How incredible the influences my mom gave them. 

She was only a tiny girl before , from a very very poor family - very ; compared to the TV3 Bersamamu's family. But she got a strong will  which I thought she inherited it from my grandmother. She went through a horrible break-up, problems never stop chasing her til now but she also never give up and show me how strong a woman can be. 

She show me the perfect smile of a mother, and hiding a full of 'plastered' heart inside her. Mom, I might be a little useless at some times, I complaint a lot and I can not imagine how many troubles were caused by me.

But whatever I did in the past that hurt you were those things I regret. The word "ibu" means a lot to me. It means "my world". And I proud to be your little daughter.