Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TV Trends

During the previous semester break, my big sister came home and kept chit chatting about this funny reality TV show and a singing award or something like that which me and Mom don’t quite understand – we didn’t watch them! Well, Mom did have seen one of the shows but not entirely (she let the cat watched it and she continued her daily home-cleaning job).

In Malaysia, TV obsession is almost as huge as smart phones addiction. Most families here love to have more choices of channels on their television screen – that’s why ASTRO is well-recognized by everyone. However my family is not into television so much, so Mom has never installed ASTRO in our home. Since I was a kid, we as a family only watch TV shows during certain times and on certain channels. Mom only watches TV when she has nothing to do which is really rare, and when there’s a good TV show on air, while Daddy simply watches football matches and some other sports. My sis…she’s unpredictable. She can watch just about anything. I love to watch anime – that has been dubbed into Malay and Chinese (when I was younger), English shows and superheroes cartoons, and sometimes channels that aired Japanese TV series.

Most of my schoolmates didn’t believe me when I told them we have no ASTRO set at home; even the teachers thought I was making jokes. Until now, it’s still weird for my friends to know I’m not an ASTRO customer. Mom taught us to read more; I think it’s normal when you have an excellent educator as your mother. We are not prohibited from watching TV but there’s a limit. 

As we grow up we know how to choose what we want to watch wisely. When my friends talk about a Malay drama series inspired from some POP genre novels, I just go “what?” because obviously I don’t watch that kind of TV show. I don’t need to watch to know the ending. Most Malay movies and TV series aren’t watch-worthy, no offense. I’m not saying all of them but MOST of them. 

I am indeed picky on what I should read and watch as the saying goes; the things you love (hobbies and interests) define the way you think. 

P/s: Actually I just happened to watch Futurama animation and one of the episodes suddenly lighten up my thinking bulb to write about this story. I really like some of the words the characters are saying and I quoted these for you (and again, no offense): 

“But that’s not why people watch TV ! Clever things make people feel stupid, & unexpected things make them feel scared. 

See? TV audience don’t want anything original. They wanna see the same thing they’ve seen thousands times before. “
 – Fry (Futurama Season 1) –

Hahaa, well said. See you in the next post!

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