Monday, May 4, 2015

Books are friends!

Just like almost every other years; it is a must for me and my Mom to join the madness of Malaysian books' greatest event; Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair or short; KLIBF or PBAKL (in Malay it is Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur). We attend the event quite late as we went PWTC on the second last day and also on the last day. I manage to grab 5 books including my all-time-favorite inspirational books and the newest series of Misi 4Flat graphic novel. These are some of the photos I took from the event which mostly consist of Mom's happy moments in them. Don't be jelly~! (Man, I hate that word but what harm can it does if I try to use it once in a while)

Atad was hoping we brought him along to KLBIF

This is me (Haha)

Mom with her friend; Pyanhabib

Pyanhabib autographs session


New book; come and grab it!

Mom's autographing her book for her  friends

Some of the well-known faces

Mom's good friends

Ana Muslim's mascot

During a talk at ITBM's booth

Sofa Putih ITBM

There were not enough chairs and tables available

Mom again

I don't know these people but the baby's cute

Another one

Mom and Pak Latip

PTS booth with its best-selling comic

PTS booth and Mom

Mom's looking at some Komik-M products

Mom and her book's editor

Comel is reading Mom's new Kamus Dewan

At last! I was craving for these books!

These are mine

Together with Mom's books

Ahmad Ammar by Pak Latip

Another page of Ahmad Ammar

Atad unwillingly became a model to promote Mom's book

New book!

Another cat; promoting Mom's book

Pelabuhan Matahari

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