Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Mousedeer and The Crocodile

When I was a child, Mom used to read bedtime stories to me and my elder sister. We love them so much. As we became independent readers, we read them on our own. We kept reading the same old stories – folklores from Malaysia and all countries across the world. One of the most famous folklore story books (and also our favorite) is “Sang Kancil dan Sang Buaya” which translated as “The Mousedeer and The Crocodile”. I was so little that time and easily felt sorry for Kancil. I cursed the crocodile for being so bad; he wants to eat Kancil! Fortunately, Kancil save himself by lying to the crocodile and his carnivore friends.

It has been years since I last read the book. Recently I finally got the chance to meet the childhood friend again. Only this time, I’m no longer an innocent child who read books just for fun. With the knowledge I gained, the experiences I’ve been through; I started to think…crocodile is not evil at all. He was meant to eat meats. God created the river beast that way. The real antagonist is in fact our beloved Kancil. He is a liar. He made himself to look like the victim. He has made me care about him! – as a kid of course. Whoa…what a crime.

Then something crossed my mind; the story is actually a reflection of one of the ugliest behaviors possessed by us; the human beings.

A simple explanation or could I say example that can be taken from me myself is; there was a time when I was driving with Mom and suddenly we got lost in the middle of a busy road in Kuala Lumpur. Feeling exhausted and irritated; I failed to control my emotions – causing them to burst onto the wrong person. Yup, my Mom. I put the fault on her. Of course it was not her mistake; it is me who follow the wrong instructions from our car's GPS. I am not the victim of the situation. I acted like one.

Just like Kancil, we tend to see ourselves as victims of certain situations. Why? For some people, they need attentions, the more the better. While others, they want to stay away from the reality. These kinds of people hold variety of reasons. That is why we are full of hatred; we wronged our parents; we created false statements as in fitnah; we put the faults on others. And to those who didn’t realize it yet; they posted on the wall of their Facebook so they could get more supporters who would feel sorry for them; be with them.

No. It has gone too far. There’s too much exaggeration for a simple thing. Why don’t we come to our senses and attend more to other people’s feelings instead of ours. Sometimes we are the predators, not them. We just have to accept the truth.

P/S: Maybe we should listen and learn from the famous song by Akon; "Sorry Blame It On Me"

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